A Tokyo Summer!


I’ve finally got a chance to sift through our first trip to Tokyo this summer with Josh’s parents. We enjoyed fascinating districts such as Shibuya, Harajuku, and Akihabara, and I also had the pleasure of experiencing a long awaited dream- The GHIBLI Museum in Miitaka! My eyes were basically filled with tears the whole time. No photography was allowed inside the building, but trust me, it was worth the tense quest for elusive tickets and then some!

CookieTime, a New Zealand favorite, in Harajuku:

CookiTime1 CookiTime337565403_10216560186258505_8168540825010044928_n 37575235_10216560187458535_8286417555363463168_n
The exterior of the Ghibli Museum:Ghiblimuseum3 Ghiblimuseum4 Ghiblimuseum737500638_10216560186298506_3116189255047577600_n37554853_10216560188178553_7494934775828840448_n 37520438_10216560203658940_4703763215241183232_n 37578996_10216560186938522_6476705421309509632_n 37660256_10216560188058550_7107653335615799296_n

The Straw Hat Cafe in the Ghibli Museum- worth the wait!

37517977_10216560187858545_9097291876016324608_n 37574410_10216560187778543_8109434481514905600_n 37586938_10216560186058500_6225249225161048064_n 37684241_10216560186098501_239998872670175232_n

Street shop views in Harajuku:

Harajuku1 Harajuku2 Harajuku3
Snagged a limited Tokyo Coke bottle in Akihabara!


Meiji Shrine:

MeijiShrine3 MeijiShrine6 MeijiShrine7 MeijiShrine8 MeijiShrine937539338_10216560187218529_250385284707909632_n


ShibuyaArea1 ShibuyaArea2


Botanical Gardens near Harajuku:

ShinjukuGyoengarden1 ShinjukuGyoengarden337511368_10216560185978498_9165227740264136704_n ShinjukuGyoengarden4 ShinjukuGyoengarden5 ShinjukuGyoengarden6 ShinjukuGyoengarden11


This trip was the first time for Josh and his parents to ride a bullet train!

Shinkansen1 Shinkansen5

The small shrine of Suga:



Tokyo Station:

TokyoStation1 TokyoStation2 TokyoStation3 TokyoStation4 TokyoStation5


Another shrine in the heart of Tokyo:


After that, we rounded back down to Kansai and hit up some spots we missed last time in Kyoto! When I returned to work, Josh guided his parents around Nara Park and Osaka.

Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto:

Ginjaju-JlTemple2 Ginjaju-JlTemple4 Ginjaju-JlTemple5 Ginjaju-JlTemple9
A pond at Isshinji in Osaka:

Isshin-JiTemple237520401_10216560202738917_121728826391658496_n 37539368_10216560202378908_7835539735534632960_n 37568735_10216560203418934_3781701992410251264_n 37592104_10216560202098901_5438612757874212864_n
Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto:

Kinkaju-JlTemple3 Kinkaju-JlTemple4 Kinkaju-JlTemple7


At Kiyomizu Dera in Kyoto:

Kiyomizu-DeraTemple4 Kiyomizu-DeraTemple8
A light show at Kyoto Station:



Ofusa Kannon Temple in our dear old Kashihara:


Shitennoji in Osaka:

ShitennojiTemple3 YushimaSeidoTemple1
We can’t wait to see his parents again this December in Kashihara- this time with the bun outside the oven! <3