Japan Travels with Josh, Family, and Baby-boo


We recently wrapped up a two-week trip around Tokyo and Kansai with Josh’s parents. They got some cute shots of us that I’ll post here for now. More pictures of our adventures as a group are coming soon.

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By the way, we also celebrated our 7 YEAR wedding anniversary during this visit! <3

By the way, we also celebrated our 7 YEAR wedding anniversary during this visit! <3

Bonus: We got to see our best friend Spencer for dinner in Tokyo, as he is now an ALT in Chiba. Now, we have to meet Ethan, who is now an ALT in the Tohoku region. Hopefully we’ll all get to see each other at my baby shower next month!

35425389_10216434647120791_1849852254157275136_o 35412016_10216440342823180_73054391522820096_oHere’s a preview of some of the cultural experiences we got to try together: our friend Akiko helped us partake in a tea ceremony lesson with a seasoned instructor of the practice! Josh and I love matcha, so it was an especially nice time for us.

35423087_10156538563242990_2537582341946081280_n 35474078_10156538563517990_9192325616647536640_n 35412760_10156538563762990_8074295863712677888_n 35477419_10156540907917990_8346963322788118528_oAfter our trip to Tokyo, my Grand Pin Collection is growing! Check out the October birthstone Hello Kitty charm on my pregnancy badge exclusively from Kyoto, pins from the Ghibli Museum, and Kitarazu, Chiba’s mascot character pin, given to me by Spencer! We also got to ride the magically elegant Blue Symphony Limited Express train during our travels, and you best believe I snagged a pin from that as well!


New Maternity Clothes


I did a bit of a mini-photoshoot for fun with Josh to showcase my new maternity clothes from ASOS. They were a perfect fit according to my pre-pregnancy measurements, and they look super cute and stylish! I honestly hate shopping for myself or worrying about clothes, so this was a nice little departure from the norm to treat myself.

In Japan pregnancy is counted in 10 months, so in this picture I am just about 6 months along!