A New Year comes Fourth


Greetings all- you may have noticed that my blog was down more than it was up since the summer.

This was due to an ongoing and very unique server error that has now been fixed by our favorite whiz-kid, Josh.

Thanks to this new-found remedy, I can finally start updating again! Sooo many things have happened since our last update. I’m still the AJET Newsletter editor for Nara Prefecture, I wrote and directed an entire time-traveling musical with my friend Bethany S, I got seriously sick unexpectedly and had to completely re-evaluate my life (I’m better now, but there was a terminal illness scare with the hospital for a moment), I got to experience by far my new favorite video game while I recovered (Nier:Automata), our friend Shawn came to visit us, I gave a big presentation for the first time at the annual Skill Development Conference along with my JTE, and I treated myself to a lovely new Wacom tablet as a late birthday gift (Intuos Pro ftw).

I’ll talk about all those topics and more in due time, but for this moment in particular my biggest news is that I signed on for a fourth year in Japan today!

I’ve only just now started my third contract year as of this August, but we JETs have to decide if we will stay for an additional year after that around the new year. So in other words, I’ll be here until at least 2019. This was absolutely what I wanted and planned for, but my heart was beating hard as I signed the paper nonetheless because of what a big decision it was.

In other news, I took off for the week of Christmas and my end of the year work party is tonight, so I’m just ready to celebrate! I’m looking forward to the upcoming year of the doggo. <3 (le woof!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

A Deer and Me