The Latest and Greatest


It’s been a while, huh? I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to recently.


The azaleas are currently in bloom at the beautiful Kume-Dera Temple!


I recently helped my friend Akiko-san with an Easter English party! It was a lot of fun.

We enjoyed some delicious Easter-themed foods afterwards!


I also finished my long-time side project/dream of creating my very own RPG! I’d be so happy if you gave it a try. You can play it for free here:

Speaking of gaming, Josh and I also bought a Nintendo Switch, including Breath of the Wild! Just look at that beautiful box art. The gameplay is even more breathtaking!


My friend Akiko-san also taught some of us how to make penguin deco-maki sushi at her home! It was such a fun experience, and that sushi was absolutely delicious to eat later. I also got to try pickled sakura leaf wagashi for the first time after we finished our lesson. It was fantastic!!

18297012_10155312865727990_1848297521_o Starbucks Japan came out with the new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino! I tried it, and loved it, the real cherry bits with vanilla cream was the best part, but the crunchy pie crust top was absolutely adorable!

Josh and I learned how to make take-out style Sweet and Sour Chicken! It was so freakin delicious. Omg, my mouth is watering just typing about it.

18318279_10155312865667990_1735806046_oMeet my ArtsFest crew friends! My friend Bethany and I are leading a singing and dancing performance for the International Arts Festival this Summer. Before practice, we always meet up at a cute little cafe for breakfast!

My First Cat Cafe!


My beloved friend Kelly-chan recently introduced me to my new favorite place- a local Cat Cafe! My heart was absolutely full of love. <3

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So many kitties! Thank you for this wonderful experience Kelly!

Spring in Kyoto


Over Spring Break, I met up my fellow Tennessee JET friend Laura (now living in Yamanashi) in Kyoto! We went to Arashiyama, Kiyo-mizu Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine! It was so great to catch up with Laura again and hear about her life in Yamanashi. I also got lots of great Instagram pics.

18261491_10155312865607990_738631670_o 18297278_10155312865472990_1167760542_o18289732_10155312865572990_43584561_o
18338835_10155312865482990_1403628631_o 18339027_10155312865582990_1935455576_o


Osaka Merriment


18336895_10155312864857990_2030371085_n 18339052_10155312864482990_394152132_o 18261552_10155312864512990_1643906051_o

As Spring was rolling in I took a much-needed Girl’s Day Out to Osaka with my friends! We met up for brunch at the fantastical Butter cafe at Hoop in Tennoji. Just look at those beautiful pancakes!! Then we spent the rest of the day roller skating and sporting it up at Spo-cha in Round 1! That was my first time to try Spo-cha, and now I’m addicted. I even took Josh later for his birthday! I loved the feeling of roller skating again. If you visit Japan, you must try it- it’s like an amusement park, basically. Just buy a wrist pass and you have a seemingly infinite amount of games you can play spread across five floors or so. This includes archery, batting cages, volleyball, tennis, basketball…even a mechanical bull! There’s also a full unlimited play arcade with Dance Dance Revolution.;-)

18318859_10155312864942990_464153128_o 18318356_10155312864952990_1901186922_oLater in April, Josh and I had the time of our lives celebrating his 27th birthday in Osaka! We enjoyed delicious Fish and Chips at the United Kingdom-themed Hub Pub in Abeno Cue’s Town. It’s kinda funny that our first time visiting a pub was in Japan, but it was a wonderful experience! Later we enjoyed Spo-cha (great date spot by the way) and went out to sing karaoke duets together. Later I was successfully able to order room service to our hotel room in Japanese! Phew. Overall, it was a lovely time and I loved seeing Josh so happy. I’ll hold those memories close to my heart. <3