A Dinky Experiment


It’s been about two weeks now since I “bought some things”, so I’m following up on my experiment to see how things turned out.

If this is an experiment though, then I’m a lousy scientist because I took no measures of control and used everything all at once. I also had a rough recovery from jetlag when I returned from America, not to mention some extra weight from that glorious American food. So I have no idea what things actually affected what or if some things are completely irrelevant (well besides contributing to a positive placebo hah).

Anyways- here’s my results after two weeks:

Improved mood!

If I were to take a gander, I’d say the Vitamin D3 pulled the most on this one, since I haven’t been getting much sunlight this winter. Then again, it could be the Zinc as well. Either way, I noticed the difference in just a couple of days and then continued to feel a lot better the rest of the two weeks. That tells me either my body was starved for something and got what it was needin’, or I respond really well to extra attention and self-care caused from trying out new things. It’s prolly both of those things.

Better skin!

I’ve been taking that Hair, Skin, and Nail supplement, but before that I wanna talk about Snail Cream for a minute. Which one is responsible for the better skin? I dunno because like I said I was a lousy scientist on this, but either way my skin has become NOICE. A lot of problem spots, including hyper pigmentation (which for some odd reason only became an issue when I moved here), faded away. I’ve also had excema since I was a kid and  Like after a week I was convinced these snails had some regenerating powers in their goo. Turns out I wasn’t so wrong. Snails secrete hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, as well as antimicrobial and copper peptides, to protect their lil’ booties from cuts, bacteria, dryness and ultra-violet light. (http://www.yesstyle.com/blog/2016-02-02/10-fascinating-facts-about-snail-slime-you-should-know-the-yesstyle-beauty-lab/) My HS&N supplement also contained copper (plus zinc, vitamin c and MSM). So I think using that in conjunction with snail gel helped a lot.

I haven’t noticed much difference in my nails, but my hair has improved a lot. I normally don’t use any product on my hair or dry it at all, but in Japan my hair has been unbelievably wild even using products to tame it- super frizzy and limp, and shedding more than usual. Since taking supplements the shedding has decreased a bit. I also started using a little hair oil and cream right after getting out of the shower in an attempt to lock in moisture. In conjunction with these supplements I think the frizz has gotten easier to deal with.

Getting more creative stuff done!

See improved mood and better skin. It’s like a domino effect- I got a lot of sweet projects done these past two weeks, put more effort into this blog, and did a lot of needed work on my video game mechanics.

Unrelated but also beneficial~

I’ve been making myself go for walks more often. It’s been downright evil in this cold weather, but I have such a nice pond and trees near my place. Why not enjoy nature and do a little “forest bathing”? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_bathing)