The Art of Video Games



Today we went with two of our best friends to Memphis and had the best time together at the Brooks Museum of Art. The main exhibit this season is the Art of Video Games, and the set-up was spectacular! They had big rooms with listening booths and full demo playing screens partitioned for each era of game design, starting with systems like the Atari and Colecovision. My heart skipped a bit when we got to the early nineties section- I saw elementary school kids marveling over the first Playstation and they were amazed when I told them that and the Sega Genesis is what I grew up with. I loved the Myst demo they had available. By the time we got to the “present day” section, you really got the sense that we had accomplished something truly artful in the human race. Ethan and I played Flower for the first time and found it beautifully tranquil; Spencer, not so much (one of many funny stories that will last a long time from today… ;-D). After the museum, we enjoyed the most fantastic Vietnamese food I have ever tasted (Pho Saigon on Poplar), including some tasty matcha bubble tea.

Believe me when I say I am going to miss Ethan and Spencer so, so dearly and I love them so much. I hope that somehow I will get to see them again in Japan.


Spencer cowering in fear in the midst of an aggressive Pikachu.




Chanrio Maker


Isn’t this cute? A little sanrio-chan version of me! My reading skills aren’t up to par currently so I couldn’t tell you what the full promotion is all about, but you can make your own here at!


Happy 4th of July!


There’s nothing like having a chance to celebrate your country’s independence before moving away from it indefinitely! Yesterday, I attended my friend Hunter’s 21st birthday and played the most epic capture the flag game of MY LIFE. Then, I met up with my mom’s side of the family for some great food and desserts (including a blueberry peach cobbler that I made) and watched the fireworks out by the baseball field.

Today, Josh and I had had the most wonderful time at our friend Andy’s BBQ (Andy and I worked together on the rebranding of Lane College- he’s my favorite business partner!). The food and decorations were incredible. Josh and I ate our fill twice over because everything was too delicious. Plus, Andy was so kind as to send me off with tons of American themed knick-knacks that will make great omiyage when I’m in Japan. Now we are currently celebrating with friends at a Fourth of July LAN party. I feel like I’ve used up every ounce of patriotism available these past two days- I’m exhausted, but so happy that I got to build these wonderful memories with family and friends before I leave.

Josh and I having a blast at a BBQ hosted by my friend Andy.

Josh and I having a blast at a BBQ hosted by my friend Andy.