JET Orientation


1781001_10204570073763154_5761641438862619309_oI attended Nashville’s JET Orientation this past weekend and had a blast (there’s me in the center making a peace sign and a goofy face). Everyone from the Nashville consulate seemed super cool, and I loved hanging out with them all at the “after party”. Now that I’ve attended this event, everything seems a bit more “real” and I’m definitely looking forward to my new life in Japan!

West Tennessee Japanese Club


As I’m scrambling through paperwork to complete my visa, I find myself looking back to the olden days when I thought living in Japan was a dream that I would never achieve. To think that Josh and I are actually doing this now is a little surreal.

Here’s an old article from my local paper about the Japanese Club that I started in my community. I hope that while I’m gone, the club will continue to thrive!
West TN Japanese Club in the Jackson Sun

My First 5k!


I ran my first 5k since high school yesterday and I had so much fun. I was able to make it to the finish line without stopping or walking! Plus, this was a “color run”, so throughout the race we were covered with paint, colored powder, silly string, and refreshing blasts of water. There was even a fire truck spray at the half way point that had me drenched when I ran through it.

Overall, I am so glad that I got to reach one of my personal goals before I leave for Japan. I also got to snap a pic with my cousin Walter who was running that day as well!

Josh snapped this picture of me crossing the finish line. I'm so glad he was there to cheer me on!

Josh snapped this picture of me crossing the finish line. I’m so glad he was there to cheer me on!

My cousin Walter and I after the race!

My cousin Walter and I after the race!

Kashihara, Here I Come!


I just found out yesterday that Josh and I will be living in Kashihara city! It seems like a dream placement- centrally located in Nara Prefecture, with easy access to the capital, Kyoto, and Osaka!

Here are two videos I found from the area on Youtube. I can’t wait to start my new life here!


An ancient, walkable town in Kashihara city.

Lighting art at Kashihara Shrine

College Rebranding; VIP Board Meeting



I’ve been working as the Prepress and Graphics Manager at Golden Circle Graphics for almost two years now, but today was probably the biggest day of my career. I was selected by Lane College to be the official designer for their re-branding campaign. Along with the college’s marketing director I’ve worked for months on a new athletic mascot logo, athletic logotype, and academic crest/logotype that expands into branding material. This morning the marketing director and I sat with the college president’s cabinet and gave a presentation on the ideas and reasoning behind these designs. Our hard work paid off because they voted to approve the new brand marks!

These designs will probably not be implemented on campus until after I leave for Japan, but I’m so excited that I had to the opportunity to work on such a large scale job.